The Red Star Growers Story

During the late 1920’s and early 1930’s the country was in the middle of a depression, which seriously affected the farming and market gardening sector. In 1932 Bill Paggett, who was a carter looking after the horses on the farm, decided to take 50 wicker hampers of first class spring cabbage to the Central Market in Pershore where they were sold very quickly. The idea continued and buyers were keen to find our quality produce amongst all the others for sale. Buyers kept asking which was the produce from Woodfield Farm?

Then the idea occurred to us to have a distinctive trade mark to be displayed on our genuine first class produce, so a five pointed Red Star was chosen. The produce displaying the Red Star became popular that buyers were snapping it up in preference to others on sale. The market management, at one point, actually asked us not to bring produce in for a few days, to give them a chance to sell the rest.

This lead to requests by the buyers to purchase Red Star produce direct. After two years Mr Martin, who was the Auctioneer and Manager at the Co-op, came and asked if we could give them a share of our produce, which we did and so the beginnings of the present company structure was started.

We endeavor to maintain the same standards of quality today, to justify out distinctive trade mark and not to disappoint out valued customers.

The business was founded in 1988 by neighbouring farmers George Revill of Woodfield Farm and John Bennett of Hall Farm, their families having farmed in Birlingham from 1925 and 1904 respectively. The original acreage has expanded to include several farms to a total acreage of about 1500.

The continued expansion led to the formation of Red Star Growers, sited at Woodfield Farm, to take care of all operations other than the growing process. Included is crop planning based upon customer requirements, harvesting, preparation and packaging, marketing and distribution.

The incorporation of other farms enabled the group to form a grower partnership in 1997 which would qualify for EU Government funding as a Producer Organisation. This has allowed us to head towards maximum efficiency and high returns for grower members with minimum detriment to the environment. With the benefit of a 900 square meter fully accredited packhouse and refrigerated distribution area, the company offers washing, packing and labelling to any specification. Much of our produce is sent out iced-packed to maintain freshness. We also offer contract packing, labelling and despatch.

Our central location allows easy access to the motorway network so that we can offer deliveries to all parts of the United Kingdom and we have good relations with a selection of haulage companies. We are proud to serve the major multiples, catering and food services, local outlets and some of the large wholesale markets with quality produce

The Packhouse is independently accredited to BRC at the higher level (grade A). Customers may rest assured that all procedures including Due Diligence are maintained to – and generally above – the required standards.